JENNIFER JUSTICE, also known as JJ, is an entertainment and live experience executive known for her expertise in building artists’ careers and business portfolios by marrying art with commerce. She is the former EVP of Strategic Marketing and Business Development for Roc Nation and former president of Superfly Productions.  From the beginning of her career, JJ has championed gender equality & diversity in the workplace and serves on many boards with the same initiatives including at Chair of the WIE Network Advisory Board, a founding advisory board member of USC’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiative and on the board of the innovative domestic violence organization, Freefrom. In addition, JJ serves on the board of Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment and on the board of One Hope Wines. Given Jennifer's impressive and formidable career we really just had one burning question: 

What inspired you to become a consultant? 

“I realized I was working for people who at one point bet on themselves - and it was about time I did the same. I knew I provided a great deal of value, with years of hands-on experience and the worst that could happen is that I didn’t make the same amount or that I didn’t like it.  While it was a bit scary, in particular representing only women during the height of the pandemic, I chose to look at the opportunities ahead and how building this new company was not only more financially beneficial, it worked better for me and my family.” 

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